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Adult non-swimmers required to learn with Worthing Swimming Club

Why Swimming? For health and safety, fitness and fun. Worthing Swimming club has been running successful adult swimming classes at the Aquarena since its opening in January 1968.

My former colleague Peter Rodemark had been teaching adults to swim at Worthing Swimming Club from 1975 till 2008. Following the closure of the Aquarena in 1977 and the re-opening in 1982 Peter Rodemark and Josie Bush were left to the running of the adult class. I myself was taken on by "Barney" in 1983 for a trial period, yet to be confirmed!

Worthing Swimming Club has approximately 50 adult members of which one third are "active" members of the adult classes. The object of the class is to take in Non-swimmers and to give them the confidence to become good recreational swimmers. The majority of members, we find, come along at all ages from 18 to 80 having had a frightening experience in their youth with regard to learning to swim. Once in the class they find themselves in a friendly and sympathetic, unhurried atmosphere where the members have shared the same experiences. Suddenly they gain water confidence, the water becomes twice as buoyant, they take off and wonder what all the fuss was about! There is an excellent feeling of social and recreational purpose within the class, some of the members having learnt to swim have continued in the class in excess of 25 years.

Thank you for your interest with regard to Adult Swimming. Yes, we meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings mainly. With regard to Adult Swimming we have just two opportunities. We have one serious swimming lane on a Tuesday and Thursday from 9pm til 9.30pm for experienced swimmers and on a Thursday evening only we have Adult Swimming Lessons from 9pm till 10pm for beginners learning to become confident swimmers. You have to join the W.S.C. which is 60.00 per year subscription renewable in July. At the present time you would have to pay a part which would take you up to July when the full annual amount becomes due. On a weekly basis you pay 5.00 per lesson each time that you attend. You may join at anytime by attending on a Thursday evening at 9pm. You are welcome to attend the first lesson for free to see if it may be suitable for you.

John Dommen, A.I.S.T.
Adult Swimming Co-ordinator - Worthing Swimming Club
Tel: 01903 244470

Updated 17/05/2017