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New Pool

The new pool complex for Worthing will soon be starting. This will be the largest project, some £17m, that the Council has undertaken.

We, as a Club, are looking forward to having a new pool in the town and have been involved in dialogue with Council officials and the Aquarena management over the past year about its internal design.

The Club are now holding regular meetings with the Aquarena management to discuss our use of the new facility and, at the same time, discussing how we can together, in partnership, successfully merge the Club’s learn to swim programme with the Aquarena’s Aquaschool scheme.

A summary of the minutes of the meetings will be on this section of the website and if you have any queries or require any further information you can contact us on

Peter McCallum

New Pool Complex - Please click here for the Fly View Video

Splashpoint Photos by Rob Drage - 25/3/2013
Splashpoint Leisure Centre - 01/8/2012
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Swimming Club Meeting / New Pool
- 4/4/2011
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Notes of meeting
- 17/1/2011